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Dental Splints

What are Dental Splints?

TMJ disorders are surprisingly common, affecting millions of Americans and causing unpleasant symptoms like jaw stiffness and pain, difficulty chewing or frequent headaches. While some people may find that they can tackle their mild TMJ symptoms with simple conservative measures like icing, take over-the-counter pain relievers or changing their diets, there are some that find that their symptoms require a more effective treatment option. This is a perfect time to consider whether a dental splint could help you.Dental Splints - Boulder and Gunbarrel CO - Dentist

Dental splints are a common and easy way to treat your temporomandibular joint disorder. These splints will not be worn forever and they will not make permanent changes to the position of your jaws or teeth, but they can be effective for eliminating your TMJ symptoms for the long term.

A dental splint may also be referred to as an occlusal splint or a mouthguard. These splints are custom-made by our dentist Dr. Rachel Barone to provide an exact fit. A dental splint will fit over your upper and lower teeth and are often made from clear, high-quality plastic.

There are two kinds of dental splints: stabilization and repositioning splints. A stabilization splint is often used to prevent teeth grinding, which can wear down teeth and lead to fractures and other tooth injuries, while a repositioning splint will support and hold the lower jaw forward to help relax the muscles and prevent clenching and muscle tension.

A dental splint will only be worn at night, and its purpose is to alleviate muscle tension, reduce teeth grinding and jaw clenching, and to provide stabilization and support for the jaw joint and muscles. While it can take some time to get used to wearing this device, it is a simple and effective way to prevent jaw problems from getting worse.

If you also find yourself frequently waking up with headaches this could be the result of jaw clenching or grinding. If this is the case, wearing a dental splint each night could reduce or even get rid of your headaches.

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