Dentistry for Seniors

Boulder, Colorado

In order to provide family dentistry care to all of your loved ones,

Gunbarrel Dental Center offers a full array of pediatric dentistry services. Boulder family dentist, Dr. Gerald Savory, offers pediatric services to children age three and over. These services include:

  • Teeth cleanings
  • Cavity fillings
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Dental Sealant application

Dr. Savory will also work to educate your children about proper oral hygiene practices so that they can take good care of their teeth between check-ups. He encourages the use of Sonicare tooth brushes for children ages five and up.

The one service we do not provide for children is orthodontic treatment. Dr. Savory refers these cases out to a specialist.

The “Happy Visit”

In order to make children feel more comfortable before their first cleaning, Dr. Savory offers a “Happy Visit.” You will be able to bring your children into our office at a special time to ride in the dental chair, get a toy, and tour the office. This service is individualized based on the unique needs of each child. Over the years, Dr. Savory has found that children who come in for the “Happy Visit” have a more positive experience at our office and are more likely to look forward to their regular check-ups.

Dr. Savory makes use of his strong sense of humor to engage young children and make them feel more comfortable throughout their visit. By providing a fun, light-hearted atmosphere, he is able to alleviate the dental anxiety experienced by many children. At the end of each visit, your child can also take home a gift from our toy chest.

Please contact our Boulder, Colorado family dentist today to schedule your child’s initial pediatric dentistry appointment at Gunbarrel Dental Center. We serve patients in Boulder, Gunbarrel, Longmont, Niwot, Louisville, Lafayette, Erie, and Superior, Colorado.