Teeth Bonding Boulder, CO

Do you have chips or cracks in one or more permanent teeth? Try tooth bonding. Dental bonding treatment uses a composite resin to cover stained and broken teeth. Bonding can also cover gaps between teeth. Dr. Rachel Barone offers teeth bonding treatment as a cosmetic dentistry solution for patients in Boulder, CO. Dental bonding material uses the same material we use for white fillings and can create a brighter, more symmetrical smile. 

Tooth Bonding in Boulder, Colorado

Teeth Bonding in Boulder, CO

To begin dental bonding treatment, Dr. Barone ensures that the teeth are clean. If she is treating a discolored tooth or teeth, she will use a shade guide to determine the current color of the enamel. Then, she prepares teeth with an etching solution. Preparing the teeth ensures that the bonding material will adhere to the tooth. 

She mixes the biocomposite resin to create the perfect shade for the bonding material. Then, she places the resin onto the prepared teeth. She shapes the resin to feel comfortable for the patient and ensures it does not interfere with their bite. Finally, she hardens the resin with a curing light.

Caring for Bonded Teeth

Although every patient is different, for most patients, composite dental bonding can last from 5 to 7 years. Patients need to maintain their bonded teeth by carefully brushing and flossing. We can show patients how to use interdental brushes and floss to clean between their teeth. In addition, we will examine the bonded teeth during routine visits and clean any stains as needed. 

It is much more difficult for patients to care for bonded teeth if they have problems like TMJ disorders. Before bonding treatment, we will need to address problems like TMD first, as patients can wear down their bonding material over time. 

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