Laser Dentistry Boulder, CO

Did you know dental lasers can help patients improve their oral health? Dental lasers use light wavelengths to safely and accurately cut and remove tissue with minimal impact on surrounding tissue, fewer side effects, and typically no downtime.

At Gunbarrel Dental Center, we offer laser dentistry services for patients with gum disease, cold sores, and lip or tongue-tie in Boulder, CO. Dental lasers can stop painful oral health problems and improve the function of the smile. Dental lasers are one of the general dentistry services we provide to the public in Boulder, CO.

Dental Lasers in Boulder, Colorado

Benefits of Dental Lasers

Laser dentistry offers many advantages for patients. Dental lasers:

  • Minimize bleeding and swelling post-treatment
  • Reduce the risk of infection
  • Can reduce downtime after a procedure
  • Support tissue regeneration and healing
  • Offer more comfortable care
  • Provide accurate and efficient treatment 

If you have problems with gum tissue, lip tie, tongue tie, or cold sores, please contact our office. We may recommend laser dentistry for you based on your specific needs.

Laser Dentistry Treatments in Boulder, CO

We offer many treatments for patients using laser dentistry. With dental lasers, we can treat: 

  • Cold Sores: Lasers can remove cold sores or small blisters around or in the mouth. Cold sores can cause pain in many patients. Removing a cold sore from the mouth is simple with dental lasers and comes with a quick recovery time. 
  • Tongue and Lip Tie: Lip-tie is a piece of tissue in the upper lip that attaches to the gums. Tongue-tie is a band of tissue that tethers the bottom of the tongue to the mouth’s floor. We can perform laser frenectomies for patients with lip or tongue ties. A frenectomy cuts the band of tissue and frees the lip or tongue from the mouth. After this procedure, patients can easily speak and eat without restrictions.
  • Gum Disease: Dental lasers can help patients with periodontitis or gum disease. Patients with moderate to severe gum disease can experience inflamed gums and gum recession. Using a dental laser, we can remove plaque, tartar, and even infected gum tissue, similar to scaling and root planing. One benefit that dental lasers offer over gum surgery is that lasers can encourage gum health and regrowth. 

A dental laser can also be used to improve the appearance of the gums. Dr. Barone can use a soft-tissue laser to perform a gingivectomy for cosmetic reasons, also known as a crown lengthening procedure. Removing some gum tissue that makes the teeth appear short can transform the appearance of your smile.

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Do you have gum problems but don’t want traditional oral surgery? Contact our office for laser therapy today at 720-881-0614. You can also request a dental consultation with our team online.