Teeth Whitening Boulder, CO

Do you have stubborn tooth stains? Are you looking for a convenient way to brighten your smile? At Gunbarrel Dental Center, we offer professional teeth whitening treatment to patients in Boulder, CO. This cosmetic dentistry treatment can change the shade of the tooth enamel to create a brighter smile. In addition, Dr. Rachel Barone can provide professional take-home and in-office whitening for patients’ convenience. 

Teeth Whitening in Boulder, Colorado

What Causes Discolored Teeth?

Stains can be intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic stains are internal or within the tooth. These stains are more permanent and cannot be removed with a tooth whitening treatment. External factors cause extrinsic stains.

Examples of extrinsic stains can include those from foods and drinks or tobacco use. Certain types of foods and beverages, such as tea, coffee, wine, tomato sauces, and berries contain pigments that attach to and stain the tooth enamel.

Using tobacco products can immediately stain the tooth enamel. Nicotine in tobacco products can darken the tooth enamel, appearing yellow or brown.

Intrinsic stains may include dental injuries or genetics. Tooth wear, tooth fractures, and chips in the enamel expose the dentin or dark underlayer beneath the enamel. Patients may also be predisposed to discoloration and weakened teeth.

QuickPro Teeth Whitening in Boulder, CO

Gunbarrel Dental Center provides convenient in-office and take-home whitening treatment using Philips Zoom! QuickPro teeth whitening. To begin in-office treatment, we clean the teeth and use a shade guide to determine the patient’s current tooth shade. Next, we dry the teeth and cover the gums to minimize sensitivity and isolate the teeth.

QuickPro treatment uses a two-layer technology for effective whitening. First, we apply the 20% hydrogen peroxide whitening varnish to each tooth. The second sealer layer keeps the hydrogen peroxide in place. Patients should wait 30 minutes to remove the varnish with a damp cloth or brush their teeth.

Dr. Barone can take dental impressions to create whitening trays for take-home teeth whitening treatment. Patients can place the whitening gel evenly in the tray and then fit them on their teeth. We will instruct patients on how long to wear their trays, depending on their goals.

Teeth Whitening FAQs

Discover more about whitening treatment with answers to these commonly asked questions: 

Am I a candidate for teeth whitening treatment?

We recommend whitening treatment for patients 18 years or older in good oral health. If we notice any problems before treatment, including gum disease or decay, we must provide the correct care first. Pregnant or lactating mothers or patients with serious illnesses should consult their doctors before considering whitening treatment. 

How can I treat intrinsic stains?

Professional whitening treatment cannot change intrinsic stains. We recommend dental veneers, tooth bonding treatment, or dental crowns if patients have extensive damage and discolored teeth. Covering intrinsic stains can create a more uniform smile.

When will I see the results of teeth whitening?

Patients should begin seeing results from in-office whitening on the first day. If patients choose take-home treatment, they will see results after several weeks.

Brighten Your Smile

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