Dental Bridge Boulder, CO

Do you have a visible gap left by missing teeth? Are you looking for a way to bring balance to your smile? A dental bridge is a restorative dentistry procedure that can typically replace one to four consecutive missing teeth.

Dental bridges restore the appearance of a uniform smile and also help patients bite, speak, and chew comfortably. Restorative dentist Dr. Rachel Barone provides dental bridge treatment to her patients in Boulder, CO.

dental bridge boulder co

Dental Bridge Treatment in Boulder, CO

We work with patients to help determine if removable or fixed dental bridges are the right option for them. Sometimes, the remaining gum and bone tissue can impact the decision. Dental bridges can be removable or fixed. Removable dental bridges are oral appliances that connect to existing teeth. These bridges typically use false teeth on a gum-colored base that wraps around teeth with wires.

Non-removable fixed dental bridges use adjacent teeth to hold a pontic in place. The pontic, or false tooth, restores the gap left by the missing tooth. Additionally, patients can receive one or multiple dental implants if they have enough jaw bone to support the titanium implant posts.

To begin dental bridge treatment, Dr. Barone will take a dental impression of your teeth to create a temporary bridge. Then, she will prepare the teeth on either side of the tooth gap. These teeth will support the new tooth or teeth. Dr. Barone will take another impression of the prepared teeth for the final bridge.

She provides patients with their temporary dental bridge while technicians create the final bridge. Once the final bridge is complete, Dr. Barone removes the temporary bridge and places the completed bridge. If patients are interested in implant-secured bridges, Dr. Barone will ensure their candidacy for treatment and work with an oral surgeon to place the implants.

Restore Your Smile

Are your missing teeth making it difficult to eat the foods you enjoy? Replace one or more missing teeth with a dental bridge today. Call Gunbarrel Dental Center today at 720-881-0614 or request a dental appointment with us online. Please let Dr. Barone know if you have questions about dental bridge treatment; she will be glad to help.